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Want long term rentals or lease? No problem! Some things are just plain better in the summer. Wearing shoes without socks, for example. Go ahead and add frozen drinks to that list. But, once warm weather rolls around, there are few things more refreshing than chilling out with a solid, boozy blended drink. Over 550,000 drinks served!

We make renting a frozen drink machine for any occasion simple and easy. We deliver the machine to your party, and set up for effortless dispensing of your favorite frozen drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Just turn the handle and out comes a perfectly frozen drink. Daily, weekend, or weekly rates are available.

If you are interested in a long-term rental, we commonly lease and sell a variety of frozen drink machines.

We can give you some ideas on how you can put your frozen drink machine to work. Our leasing/long-term rental options are perfect for restaurants, pools, convenience stores, civic centers, clubs, schools, PTA, PTO, and other fundraising, events planners, concession stands at fairs and local events, sporting events, catering, party planners and other entertainment companies who want to see big profits.

Long term rentals of frozen cocktails can certainly offer your operation a significant and profitable category in beverage presentations. To customers, they offer a unique product with an extremely high value perception. If promoted and merchandised properly, frozen drinks can help to put you a step closer to your goals and objectives of achieving a successful blend of product, service, and success.

Contact us if you wish to place a weekly, monthly, or seasonal rental.

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We've got you covered! All Bergen County rentals include free delivery, set-up and pick-up. Additional charges may apply to rentals outside of Bergen County, New Jersey.
We accept cash, personal & cashier's checks, and all major credit cards. We require a non-refundable deposit to secure your rental. All deposits must be received within 4 business days prior to your scheduled event or your rental may be subjected to cancellation by Conrad's Concessions.

Cancellation Policy: 20% non-refundable rental fee is incurred. Postponement Policy: We require at least 36 hours notice prior to postponing an event otherwise a 20% non-refundable rental fee is incurred. If given proper notice, there is no fee – your new rental date is subjected to availability.

Last Minute Rentals Welcome!