Rent a Cotton Candy Machine for Your Next Event!

A sweet treat your guests will love!

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Like our Hot Nut and Popcorn Carts - our cotton candy machines are a nostalgic treat. Easy to operate and fun to make! Choose to hire an optional attendant so you can enjoy the fun!

Our Flossugar is Kosher with the "K Parave" on the sealed containers.

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All Cotton Candy Rentals Include

Delivery, Set-Up, And Removal

Cone Sticks

Choice of cotton candy flavoring

Cotton Candy Machine Rentals

single cart & machine
Nostalgic + Mobile

One single, double, or triple
cotton candy machine(s) w/ cart

Delivery, setup, + removal

Your choice of cotton candy flavoring

cone sticks

Add an Optional Attendant to Make & Distriute Cotton Candy to your Guests!

Great for larger events, need of mobility, or just purely visual. The machine and cart combination give it a classic carnival look that people of all ages will enjoy with all the modern technological conveniences.

Dimensions: 34"W x 21"D x 51"H

How Does it Work?

There are two common misconceptions about cotton candy: it's messy and hard to make. The reality is that is actually very easy to make and not messy if the operator knows what to do. Every rental we book included verbal and written directions on how to operate the cotton candy cart properly.

Our machine turns sugar into cotton candy. First, the machine heats the sugar until it becomes a liquid. The machine then forces this liquid sugar out through its constantly-spinning head, which contains numerous little holes – when the liquid cools, it becomes threads of delicious cotton candy!

The unit features easy to operate switches for turning on & off the heating element and the motor, can plug in anywhere and its hydraulic spinning head ensures perfect, fluffy results every time!

Our cones are among the strongest available. Triple layered to ensure a sturdy cone, Gold Metal innovated the cone stick 40 years ago and continue to deliver a quality product every time.

Cotton Candy Flavors

Our Flossugar is Kosher with the "K Parave" on the sealed containers.

Our Flavors

Blue Raspberry

Pink Vanilla






bubble gum


pina colada



green apple

We Deliver!

We've got you covered! All Bergen County rentals include free delivery, set-up and pick-up. Additional charges may apply to rentals outside of Bergen County, New Jersey.
We accept cash, personal & cashier's checks, and all major credit cards. We require a non-refundable deposit to secure your rental. All deposits must be received within 4 business days prior to your scheduled event or your rental may be subjected to cancellation by Conrad's Concessions.

Cancellation Policy: 20% non-refundable rental fee is incurred. Postponement Policy: We require at least 36 hours notice prior to postponing an event otherwise a 20% non-refundable rental fee is incurred. If given proper notice, there is no fee – your new rental date is subjected to availability.

Last Minute Rentals Welcome!